☕️Canning compilation Vol.1 | Zoe | cafe vlog | No BGM |

☕️Canning compilation Vol.1 | Zoe | cafe vlog | No BGM |

many of you asked me to upload Canning compilation🤣
Actually this is not the type of video that i want to edited.
Cuz in these days i rlly fell in love with making film that can express myself and also have Cinematography atmosphere!
But this is ummm,,, cannot express myself and even doesn’t need that much effort compare to others!!(needed only 3 hours to edit this)
haha so this series might be the one that i didn’t edit to satisfy myself! This is just for you♥️

Btw, please look forward to my next step🥰
not only just a cafe vlogger but as a travel and daily vlogger!

Thanks for watching as always and love you!

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✔️Youtuber Zoe
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✔️IG : @zoe_stdio

Zoe : www.instagram.com/zoe_stdio
Cafe : www.instagram.com/blessroll_pyeongtaek

[camera, program]
sony a6400, sony rx0 m2, Finul Cut Pro


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