10 food and cooking questions

10 food and cooking questions

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Question 1 : What word means to combine salad ingredients until fully mixed?
Answer a: Boil
Answer b: Cap
Answer c: Toss
Answer d: Top

Question 2 : What colour is a radish?
Answer a: Black
Answer b: Green
Answer c: Red
Answer d: Yellow

Question 3 : What vegetable has white florets surrounded by green leaves?
Answer a: Broccoli
Answer b: Cauliflower
Answer c: Leeks
Answer d: Parsnips

Question 4 : What does the B stand for in BLT?
Answer a: Bacon
Answer b: Bangers
Answer c: Beef
Answer d: Boiled

Question 5 : What type of food is ricotta?
Answer a: Bread
Answer b: Cheese
Answer c: Fruit
Answer d: Soup

Question 6 : What food can be leavened and unleavened?
Answer a: Bread
Answer b: Roast Chicken
Answer c: Sausages
Answer d: Soup

Question 7 : Often used to describe a type of coffee, what does “latte” mean in Italian?
Answer a: Coffee
Answer b: Milk
Answer c: Sugar
Answer d: Water

Question 8 : What type of food is Vichysoisse?
Answer a: Bread
Answer b: Dessert
Answer c: Fish
Answer d: Soup

Question 9 : What is the main ingredient of baklava?
Answer a: Apples
Answer b: Chocolate
Answer c: Lemon
Answer d: Pastry

Question 10 : What is a tamarind?
Answer a: Fish
Answer b: Fruit
Answer c: Soup
Answer d: Vegetable


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