10 Types Of Starbucks Customers

10 Types Of Starbucks Customers

The 10 Types Of Starbucks Customers, which one are you?!
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Its Starbucks week on JLT! Starbucks has become a game changer in the coffee shop game ever since its conception in 1971. Since then they have been creating delicious coffee, tea, hot chocolate, frappucino, lattes, etc. There are tons of starbucks drinks to choose from! But be careful, the kind of drink you like says a lot about you. There are many different “types” of starbucks customers. Typically starbucks employees can pin point exactly what you are going to order, because you just look like that drink “type”. Do you like peppermint mochas? You probably believed in Santa for quite a while… and still do! Are frappucinos your go to? You are just entering the world of starbucks my friend. We hope you enjoy this types of starbucks customer rant, starbucks baristas are saints for dealing with our crazy drink requests! Whats your favorite starbucks drink? Comment below!

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