1Zpresso Y3 Manual Espresso Maker Unbox & Review

1Zpresso Y3 Manual Espresso Maker Unbox & Review

Today we unbox and review the 1ZPresso Y3 manual hand pump espresso maker. Watch and see how easy it is to make delicious drinks while using Roadway’s fresh roasted Signature Roast coffee. Mmmmmm perfection!😌

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Factory Description:
No electricity required!
A double espresso is ready with just a few pumps of the plunger.
Within 4 min of starting, from grind to brew, you’re enjoying a shot of quality espresso, all it takes to generate the pressure needed for an amazing coffee experience.
Don’t be left without great coffee while at the office or elsewhere, Café-standard espresso has never been easier or more accessible.

Pulling great shots of espresso has always been the hallmark of expensive high-energy-consumption machines. The Y3 Portable Coffee Maker is hand-powered and delivers café-quality shots instantly.

Unlike high-end machines, there is no need for professional barista skills, tamping or extraction techniques; a high-quality shot is both quick and easy, requiring only a few pumps of the plunger.

The portafilter equipped with a one-way pressure valve to ensure even and barista-standard extraction, no matter where you are.

The pressure valve allows for pre-infusion of the puck prior to pulling the shot, ensuring the evenness of extraction and fullness of body.

Start with a medium-fine grind, and adjust it based on your preferences. Ideal pressure is reached when a hissing sound is heard. Alternatively, wait for 5 seconds, and pump about 30 times to get around 50ml of espresso.

The recommended water temperature is around 90-95°C. Place around 2/3 of water into the brewer to get around 50ml of espresso. The ratio of ground coffee (in) to espresso (out) is around 1:3

The general internationally-recognised standard ratio for espresso is 1:3; however, this can be adjusted based on your personal preference

The quick-dismantlable design allows you to easily detach and clean each piece without tools, properly cleaning can be done simply with running water!


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