Broken Coffee Roaster – Media Company First – “VLOG 10”

Broken Coffee Roaster – Media Company First – “VLOG 10”

I have been thinking about this concept of becoming a “Media Company First”. In my short little small business journey I discovered that by focusing on constantly putting out different forms of content (video, pictures, info, tutorials) that I did not really need to spend any money on advertising. The content I was putting out was basically doing the selling for me. After reading a book by Grant Cardone (The 10X Rule) it got me thinking…

If I 10X’d my output and focused on quality content, consistent output, and tons of useful/educational info then sales would increase generically. This is all and experiment at this point I am doing and I will document the results as I go along.

My main point in becoming a media company first is to build an audience around the niche you are in and then create/introduce a product later. Thereby converting your social media audiences (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikToc) to a future potential customer. This will reduce much of the risk of starting a small business if you already have people asking for your product and a following you can lean on to launch your first products. The feedback you can get from the early adopters to your product can really help you innovate and pivot quickly thereby bettering your chances of success as a small business.

Now I am not saying do not spend money on advertising. If the resources are there and you can promote the amazing content you are putting out then by all means do so. It will only help build your audience quicker.

Then…. My coffee roaster broke and the Vlog went to shi*… A good friend is coming over Saturday so we will see what we can do to get it back up and running.

Current Subscriber Count as of video: “423” – Wow… Literally blew past 400!
*At 500 we are doing a giveaway.

Camera used: Nikon Z6
24-70 F4 used for Vlog.

Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro 2020
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