Carnivore Diet: Is Chicken Healthy? (the answer may surprise you)

Carnivore Diet: Is Chicken Healthy? (the answer may surprise you)

Today we discuss chicken. Is it healthy? Is it overhyped? What are the issues with the mass production of chicken? Where are oyu buying your chicken? And more.

Did you know that chickens are descended from dinosaurs called theropods. The chicken is actually the closest living relative to the T. rex.

Chickens started to become domesticated around 10,000 years ago.

The modern chicken, as we know it, is descended from several of four known species of wild jungle fowl (Gallus) that inhabited parts of Southeast Asia about 50 million years ago.

Disease issues due to the mass industrialized scale of most chicken operations.

Chicken is susceptible to a specific bacteria called: salmonella Heidelberg. The 2004 and 2013 outbreak was traced back to a California-based poultry farm Foster Farms.

Apparently the company refused to make improvements to its operations after the 2004 outbreak, leading to another in 2013.

Treatment and living conditions

99% of chickens are grown and slaughtered under inhumane conditions.

Most are fed an unnatural diet of corn, soy and other grains. This fattens them up and further SKUS the omega 3 to 6 ratio.


Most are also fed antibiotics. It’s all about scale in the poultry industry, so industrialized chicken is a commodity at this point, with most brands competing on price, driving down margin and thus further cutting into production costs. All of which further compound these problems making them even more unhealthy for the consumer.

A small percentage of farmers let their chickens roam on free range and eat their natural diet of bugs and grasses. An even small amount is feed corn and soy-free feed.

If you can find this chicken, I’m all for it. It can be a healthy part of a balanced diet.

Recommend eating no more than once or twice a week. Stick with better animal sources.

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