Coffee Workshop at Son Pacamara Farm | Dalat, Vietnam

Coffee Workshop at Son Pacamara Farm | Dalat, Vietnam

Today is our second day in Dalat and it is going to be all about coffee! We have been in Vietnam for almost a month and we have really enjoyed the many forms of Vietnamese coffee but we didn’t realize they are the second largest producer in the world! So today we are headed to one of the many coffee plantations in the area.

We drive our motorbike about 20 minutes outside of town to the Son Pacamara Specialty Coffee Farm. They have been open for 13 years but only recently began doing tours. They have a couple of different options and we choose to do a half day workshop.

We start off with a pour over while we get settled in and then learn all about what it takes to grow coffee. They tell us about the PH of the soil, the proper elevation for specific varieties, and even how to tell what the trees need (nutrients) by looking at the leaves.

After our half hour lesson, we walk out to the farm to test our knowledge of the different varietals. We are here right during harvest so we get to see some beans drying and we learn how to tell when they are ready for roasting.

Then we head back inside for a full lesson on roasting coffee! They go through each step of the roasting process and what we need to look for as well as how to bring out certain aspects of the coffee through roasting. We then get a chance to roast our own batch of coffee beans and (with a lot of help) we make it through pretty well!

They explain that we should wait a couple days before brewing but we can’t wait to try our creations so we each brew some of our beans and do a little taste testing! They pack up the rest of our beans so we can take them with and we make our way back to Dalat!

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