Comparing The SR500 & SR700 Home Coffee Roasters

Comparing The SR500 & SR700 Home Coffee Roasters

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Hey everyone Grant here for Wheelin Pete’s

Today were going to go over the differences between the Fresh Roast SR500 & SR700 home coffee roasters. For those of you that are new to home coffee roasting or FreshRoast roasters, I will be going over each individual component of each roaster and the pros and cons of each model.
Fresh Roast SR500 capacity is 4 1/4oz. Three temperature settings that can be adjusted any time during the roasting process. A Fan Speed Control allows the finest tuning of the roast.
The Fresh Roast SR 700 Home Coffee Roaster has the same roasting capacity but fully programmable computer software allows you to duplicate Wheelin Pete’s suggested Roasting Profiles fast, easy, first time, every time or create your own & save them to duplicate roast profiles for all preferences of coffee.
As always guys whether its roasters, green beans, roasted beans etc. It’s always going to come down to what you personally prefer, one man’s junk is always going to be another man’s treasure, coffee roasting included. Also if your new to home coffee roasting its really easy to get lost in all the details and minutia of the process, from selecting green coffee beans to roast time and temperature, color, grade and even proper storage it can be frustrating.

If you can remember these 3 things you’re ready to roast

1.Throw perfection out the window, often times your biggest mistakes will be one of your greatest creations.
2.Just Get Started! Knowledge be dammed you’re going to make mistakes and that’s OK.
3. Most of all HAVE FUN! Their truly is no right or wrong way to go about this whether it’s with a stove and pan or a full on commercial roaster sky’s the limit.

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And as I always, if you can apply heat to it you can do it!