DIY Fluid Bed Sanitary Stainless Steel Coffee Roaster – 2-16-2020 Decaf Guatemalan

DIY Fluid Bed Sanitary Stainless Steel Coffee Roaster – 2-16-2020 Decaf Guatemalan

Roasting in a custom built all-stainless steel (plus glass and ceramic) fluid bed coffee roaster, implementing a 120v electric porcupine/ceramic heater. This is a work in progress, and every time I change something – or add something – I’ll upload a video.

Timeline of this video;
00:00 1.5 lbs. green beans dropped at charge temp: 350 F,
00:30 Temp Gauge Reading 352 F
01:07 Chaff Collector (chaff is from 3 roasts in a row)
01:17 Rate of rise, 25 degrees in 47 seconds (375F)
02:37 Rate of rise, 25 degrees in 80 seconds (400F)
03:05 Video zooms out to view machine
03:14 Bean Cooler
03:26 Video zooms out to see inside heat cabinet
03:35 Bean drop and pan
03:40 Air Pump/Vacuum/Air Intake
03:42 Heater compartment
04:29 Rate of rise, 18 degrees in 112 seconds (418F)
04:40 Catalytic Converter (Smokeless Exhaust)
04:44 Chaff Collector – (Decaf coffee has low volume of chaff)
06:18 Rate of rise, 26 degrees in 102 seconds (444F)
06:21 Manual Switch Box, Drop Roast temp, Turn heater off
06:27 Lower Air Pressure
07:20 Rate of drop, 1 degree per second, (384F)
08:22 Prepping bean drop below
08:26 Battery in camera dies!

Sorry for the low quality video – I will upload better videos as time allows. I do this for a hobby. Thank you for your views and your subscription to my channel in advance.

If you are interested in building this 1 to 3 pound capacity roaster, I have posted a (partial) list of the parts you will need at the link below. It can roast up to 6 pounds with a couple different parts and a different configuration, not shown here. Most parts are tri-clamp sanitary stainless steel – enabling you to take it apart to clean it – and no welding is needed.

Partial Parts List;

Purchased tools for build at Harbor Freight; Heavy duty drill press, electric drill, 2″ hole saw, 1/2″ drill bits, angle grinder, diamond wheel cutter (for ceramics,) and heavy duty 1/4″ diamond drill bit.

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