Equipment Review: Best Parchment Paper & Our Testing Winners

Equipment Review: Best Parchment Paper & Our Testing Winners

Behind the Testing:
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We tested 10 parchment papers to find the best one (listed in alphabetical order):
Beyond Gourmet Unbleached Parchment Paper
Good Cook Parchment Paper
If You Care Unbleached Parchment Baking Paper
King Arthur Flour Parchment Paper 100 Half-Sheets
Norpro Unbleached Baking Paper
PaperChef Parchment Rolls
PaperChef Parchment Sheets 12” × 16”
Reynolds Cookie Baking Sheets
Reynolds Parchment Paper
Wilton Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is simple. Why are so many products hard to use?

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We review the best (and worst) silicone spatulas:

– Food releases evenly
– Food browns evenly from edge to edge
– Paper is strong enough to support pie weights and heavy food
– Paper fits in standard-size rimmed baking sheet with minimal trimming
– Paper is flat or requires little effort to smooth out
– Packaging dispenses paper without crumpling or creasing it
– Packaging is durable


We tested 10 parchment papers, with our lineup including a mix of rolls and precut sheets. We used the papers to bake a variety of foods (including some in a 500-degree oven), to roll out disks of cookie dough, and to roll jelly roll cakes. We also tested the papers’ strength. Throughout testing, we evaluated how cleanly the baked foods released from the paper and checked them for even, consistent browning. Several users took the papers home, where they evaluated their performance and ease of use and noted how easy they were to store in kitchen cabinets and drawers. For rolls, we calculated the approximate number of sheets per container by dividing the total length by 16 inches (roughly the length of the cooking surface of a standard rimmed baking sheet). Scores from testing were averaged.


Performance: We baked two kinds of cookies, jelly roll cake, and pizza with each paper, checking to see how easily foods released and if they had even, consistent browning.

Size: We used each parchment paper to line standard-size rimmed baking sheets, whose cooking surface measures 16½ by 11½ inches. Papers rated best if they fit in the baking sheets straight from the package or with minimal trimming.

Handling: Sheets of perfectly flat parchment paper were easy to use and ensured that foods baked evenly with smooth surfaces. We docked points from papers that curled, were creased, or were generally difficult to lay flat. Products that negatively affected the appearance of our baked goods lost points.

Packaging: We evaluated the design and construction of the packaging. For sheets, the best packaging allowed the paper to be stored flat. For rolls, good packaging had firm, rigid edges or sharp teeth that facilitated clean, neat tears. Products lost points if their packaging fell apart or became misshapen during testing.

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