French Press Coffee Basic Preparation | Stay Roasted

French Press Coffee Basic Preparation | Stay Roasted

French Press coffee is one of the easiest brew methods to master and leaves you with a bold rich cup. “Like” this video if you love brewing french press coffee or are thinking of giving it a try.


• French Press

• Kettle (or way of pouring hot water)


• 8 Tbsps (56g) of coarse ground coffee beans

• 32 oz (950g) of hot water (30 seconds off the boil is perfect)


1. Add your ground coffee – then in a slow, circular motion pour enough hot water to just cover the grounds. Wait 1 minute.

2. Add hot water until the mixture reaches a finger’s width from the top. Secure the lid with the filter resting lightly on top of the mixture. Wait 3 minutes.

3. Press down slowly until you just lightly touch the bottom and immediately pour into your favorite mug or serving vessel.

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