How I Regrew My Edges: DIY Herbal Hair Growth Oil | Natural Hair | IQ Natural

How I Regrew My Edges: DIY Herbal Hair Growth Oil  | Natural Hair | IQ Natural

Happy 2020! In this video, I’m using an herbal oil mix with Jamaican Black Castor Oil to show you how I regrew my hairline, or ‘edges,’ as many of us affectionally like to call them. For the DIY hair growth oil mix shown in this video, it MAY work for you or it MAY NOT. However, I’d be selfish and I’d miss an opportunity to possibly help someONE if I didn’t share this video. 💜😘

❣️A little background info:
Before my ‘edges’ started growing back, areas of my scalp at the front were completely smooth, in other words, bald. For YEARS, no hair was growing in, so I thought my hair follicles were just….dead. One day I said, I know I can do something about this. When I started using the oil mix, consistently, my hair started growing in. Castor oil was the only {carrier} oil that I was using at the time. It’s effective and played a huge part in regrowing my edges.

❗️❗️BE PATIENT, BE PATIENT, BE PATIENT, BE PATIENT. Regrowing edges is NOT going to happen over night, darling. It took me weeks and weeks (months) to see results, but I did NOT give up, because I’m patient and optimistic. 😊 Patience is a virtue and it paid off. 🙏🏾👍🏾🤗
🥣Need Castor Oil for your DIY Herbal Oil Mix? Check out this oil:
✔Brand: IQ Natural Jamaican Black Castor Oil
Here is the oil:

♡ This is 100% natural, USDA certified organic castor oil with no other ingredients added. It has a smoky, burnt-like scent to it. The scent is completely normal for a high-quality castor oil. It’s thick and dark brown in color.
♡Bottles in the video are 8 oz in amber plastic containers. A little goes a looonng way
♡ I always dilute castor oil because it’s thick and potent. I strongly recommend using a carrier oil or essentials oils to dilute castor oil before applying it to the hair and skin.
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