How is Coffee Roasted?

How is Coffee Roasted?

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One of the coffee production’s most interesting steps is roasting- taking a mostly uninteresting green coffee seed and converting it into an amazingly aromatic and surprisingly complex bean. The coffee seed itself is almost flavorless, sans the vegetal taste, but freshly roasted coffee is intoxicating, evocative, and delicious. How exactly does this happen?

Specialty roasters worldwide tend to be self-trained. Many of these individuals mastered their trade by way of meticulous trial and error. Every roaster has their own aesthetic, philosophy, and style. They know how to reproduce drinks they enjoy, but even they don’t always fully understand the complexities of the entire process. This doesn’t imply that roasted and delicious coffee is a rarity; rather, this is indicative of a bright future for high-quality coffee roasts, because there is much to develop and improve, which will inevitably result in enhanced roasting techniques.

There are numerous important stages during the roasting process, and the conditions under which beans reach these stages is known as a “roast profile.” Most roasters have their profiles meticulously tracked, allowing them to replicate roasting within tight boundaries through control of time and temperature.


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