How to Make an INSTANT NOODLE Cake 🇮🇩 Indomie Cake

How to Make an INSTANT NOODLE Cake 🇮🇩 Indomie Cake

I saw a cake made out of instant noodles, so naturally, I thought I should make one of my own. Originally from Indonesia, these cakes are made with popular instant noodle brand Indomie Mi Goreng and are often topped with savory items like shredded meat and curry. I’m getting hungry. Let’s do this!

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This video is NOT sponsored. Just making a cake out of instant noodles. 🎂

My cake was inspired by the cakes at TotAw :

Kentung the Belly Dancer’s “WEDDING CAKE DARI INDOMIE??!!!” video:

UNILAD article about instant noodle cakes and donuts:

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