How to Order Espresso Like An Italian | Cuisine Code | NowThis

How to Order Espresso Like An Italian | Cuisine Code | NowThis

This Italian coffee expert taught us the right — and wrong — way to order.
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Eataly CEO Nicola Farinetti knows a thing or two about espresso, so he gave NowThis some advice on how to drink it properly.

Firstly, he explained that espresso is meant to be consumed right at the bar. Espresso is most Italians’ drink of choice and their morning ritual usually begins will a quick stop at their favorite espresso bar.

Once you get your cup of espresso, you should look at it and see if the top resembles tiger stripes. Then you should smell it to check if it’s burned — after that, you can finally take a sip. And make sure you don’t drink your espresso when it’s boiling hot — it should be served at a manageable temperature so you can drink it right away.

As for cappuccinos — make sure to only consume those in the morning, since the milk in them can be heavy. And don’t ask for sizes when ordering your Italian beverages. Most beverages in Italy only come in one size, so it would be arbitrary to customize your order.

If you want a truly special espresso experience in Italy, Farinetti suggests going off the beaten path a find the smallest bar in the area. You’ll likely wind up having a truly authentic coffee-consuming experience.

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