Mga Importanteng Detalye sa Loob ng Espresso Machine | VLOG 5

Mga Importanteng Detalye sa Loob ng Espresso Machine | VLOG 5

Ibinahagi ni Master Sandy sa pinakasimpleng paliwanag ang mga kapasidad ng mga parte ng Espresso Machine at ano ang mga dulot nito sa pag-extract ng Espresso. Kung napagalaman nna may naitulong ang Content na ito huwag na huwag kalimutan Mag Subscribe at iShare na rin sa mga kapwa Barista natin para sa karagdagang kaalaman.

Featured Machine Information;
Standard equipped with 2 external pumps. One to extract coffee, one to re-fill the steam boiler and to add some cold water to the hot water spout. This to ensure the steam boiler will be re-filled without affecting the coffee extraction, even during very busy times when for hours on end one or more groups are activated. To ensure the hot water supply is always at the correct same temperature, the re-fill of the steam boiler is deactivated during hot water supply.
Shot timers, installed in full view, right above each group.
Illuminated rear panel, optionally with printed custom logo.
Intuitive operation by levers. Group levers offer 2 automatic shot volumes per group. These can also be programmed at endless, to offer on-off operation.
Self-bleeding groups.
Auto-back-flush program, all groups pressurize and discharge simultaneously 8 times.
One separate PID temperature controller for each boiler, display in full easy view.
Energy saving Eco mode on each temperature controller, for nights and/or weekends.
Energy saving hot water system. Some cold is added to the hot water, so less heated water is needed. This mix provides a steady, non-spattering stream with the correct temperature to prepare Americanos. The hot water is controlled by a quick to adjust timer.
Choice of touch pad to activate the group, offering 4 automatic volumes plus continuous, or the Bastone lever, offering 2 automatic volumes plus continuous. The touch pad can easily be swapped for a Bastone bracket, or vice versa, also later.
Drip tray quickly adjustable in height, optionally a raised tray for espresso cups is available.
Stainless steel filter holders with KvdW POM handles.
Slow automatic infusion process, with step less build of pressure to full extraction mode. This allows a finer grind, creating more surface, so a higher yield in the cup, less chance on channelling, preventing fines to travel down.
Wide choice in filter baskets, both sizes as types.
Rubber group gaskets remain flexible forever, do not become hard or brittle.
Membrane type group screen, very nice dispersion, less coffee sucked up by discharge of pressure at end of extraction. Remains clean longer.
Heat neutral polymer dispersion block, no loss of heat, no baking on of oils and fats, remains clean longer.
Heavily protected heating element (extra safety level probe, cut-out switch with feeler against element in water, machine shuts down when any of the solenoid valves remains open for longer than 120 seconds).
Entire frame in stainless steel only, powder coated in crackle black, optionally bare.
Large steam boiler capacity:10.5ltr. with Duette, 19.5ltr. for the Triplette.
Large coffee boiler capacity, total of 2.1ltr. each.
Elevated position of body, easy cleaning of bar surface, yet low enough to allow comfortable barista-customer contact.

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