OnPoint – Irisin, Green Coffee Bean, Capsimax, Green Tea – The Smart Fat Burner

OnPoint – Irisin, Green Coffee Bean, Capsimax, Green Tea – The Smart Fat Burner


When was the last time you were confident to take your shirt off at the beach?

Do you remember when you were in the best shape of your life, with a lean, tight body that made you confident and energized?

For many of us, due to family, work and other responsibilities, that time may be several years ago and seem out of reach.

As competitive, active business people who love to exercise, we know that it’s NEVER too late to get into the best shape of your life, both physically and mentally!

Seriously. All it takes is desire, dedication, and commitment. At HALEO, we understand first hand what it takes to get into the best shape of your life.

As two guys that love sports, exercise and pushing ourselves to the limit, we have found ourselves frustrated and disappointed at how we had let ourselves get out of shape. Especially since we like to think we know how to do it! To help us get back in shape as fast as possible, we have both tried a ton of diet supplements.

Even though the supplement shelves are packed with diet products, we were never 100% confident that those products contained the best, properly dosed nutrients that are truly healthy, not dangerous chemical derivatives that could cause a failed banned substance test or worse, some of the side effects we see in recent news.

So, we decided to create the product we wanted to use ourselves, one that would help us to get back into the best shape of our lives. Luckily we have some of the world’s leading researchers in the sports nutrition industry as part of our team and put them on the task of creating a safe and effective evidence-based fat burner. Almost a month later we had the recipe for our fat burner and a lucky break – one of our researchers identified a new nutrient that provides a fat burning boost through a mechanism not yet tapped through nutrition.

OnPoint — a precise blend of antioxidant-rich, thermogenic botanicals, and our EXCLUSIVE, fat fighting ingredient, IriThin™.

That novel ingredient is one we called IriThin™. It is an amazingly powerful antioxidant derived from fermented soybeans. HALEO researchers believe that this ingredient (only found in OnPoint) can increase levels of the exercise-mimicking hormone, Irisin. With this, HALEO is introducing a new and novel approach to fat loss!

OnPoint — The SMART Fat Burner™

As with all HALEO supplements, we believe in smart supplementation.

We use no harsh, dangerous chemicals – just the best fat burning and health enhancing nutrients mother nature provides.

We back our commitment to true, safe, and pure ingredients by third party testing to prove every HALEO supplement meets our label claims. Lastly, our products are tested according to a world leading anti-doping protocol to ensure they are free of banned substance contamination and safe for professional athletes.

On Point- How it helps your diet:

Formulated with research-supported ingredients at proper doses, OnPoint works by:

• Increasing the release of the exercise-mimicking hormone, Irisin

• Providing a smooth and clean energy boost with NO crash and NO jitters

• Increasing metabolism and overall calorie expenditure

• Supporting a healthy appetite

• Promoting overall health

• Supporting healthy blood sugar levels

OnPoint’s multi-faceted approach, helps you get LEAN, FIT, & CONFIDENT, and is packed with antioxidants to keep you healthy and ageless. OnPoint by HALEO — truly, the Smart Fat Burner™.

We hope that On Point helps you achieve the best shape of your life, as much as it has helped us.


Joey Rodrigues and David Halton

HALEO Founders