Reinventing the Photonovel with Murder and Coffee

Reinventing the Photonovel with Murder and Coffee

Cold Brewed reinvents the photonovel of the 70s and 80s with specialty coffee jargon, silent film techniques, and the iBook platform ::

music for video: “The Match” by The Eastern Sea, used with permission.

Made completely in Joplin, Missouri, the story features the growing art movement in our once tornado-devastated city. Produced much like a film, Cold Brewed shows the power iBooks wields for simple things like words and photographs. Old photonovels took screen shots of television shows and films, adapting those mediums into books and superimposing speech bubbles over the top. We produced ours from scratch, and Cold Brewed may very well be the first original photonovel. At least we’ve yet to come across anything similar.

Cold Brewed was made primarily for the specialty coffee crowd we’ve come to love. Many of our friends are roasters, coffee-shop owners, and baristas. We wanted to make a story for them, and so, in the story we directed the prohibition at coffee rather than alcohol. This gave us room to use coffee jargon rather than drug slang and cast baristas as our actors.

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Videography by Joseph Lang


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