Slow Plunge AeroPress Recipe | Coffee Collaboration

Slow Plunge AeroPress Recipe | Coffee Collaboration

We are back with another AeroPress recipe! This time we gave Tenor79’s method a go! A lower brew temperature and a long plunge made us perk up when we saw it! Here are the results. Do you have a special way you like to brew your coffee? Share it with us in the comments!

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Tenor79’s AeroPress Recipe:

Method: Traditional
Grind: 3-5 clicks on the Hario Mini Mill
Coffee: 16 grams
Water Temperature: 185F
Total Brewing Time: 2 Minutes
Filter: Paper

1. 30 ml water to bloom grounds for 30 seconds
2. Pour additional water up to top of #2.
3. As soon as finished pouring water, stir grounds for 10 seconds (usually starting around 50 seconds).
4. As soon as finished stirring, put plunger in top to reduce water dripping out of Aeropress.
5. At 1:20, begin pressing. Press for 30-40 seconds, finishing around 2:00 mark.
6. Add additional water to taste (mine totals around 250 ml, for a brew ratio of around 15.5:1).
7. Add half and half or steamed and frothed milk and sugar to taste.

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