TOTAL Fridge Reorganization: Sustainable & Satisfying 🌶🍊🍋🥦 | Lucie Fink

TOTAL Fridge Reorganization: Sustainable & Satisfying 🌶🍊🍋🥦  | Lucie Fink

We finally reorganized our entire refrigerator! I have been wanting to cook more food at home, but without a fully stocked and organized fridge, it’s been difficult to achieve that goal. By working with @horderly (my favorite organization team), I totally overhauled my refrigerator and made it as sustainable as possible (HELLO Package Free glass jars!), while also making it highly functional for me and my lifestyle.

You’ll notice we don’t have any meat in the fridge. While Michael and I do eat meat, we just prefer not to cook it ourselves at home, so we typically purchase our meat already cooked from high-quality restaurants and grocers. That’s why this fridge contains mostly fruits & veggies! 🌶 🌽 🥒 🍆 🥕 🥔 🥗 🍠 🍅

Contact Horderly: (they’re now in NY, NJ, CT, Boston and Southern California!)

These are the Package Free items we used:
Glass jars:
Freshness extending produce bags:
Silicone bags:
Stand-up silicone bags:

Some of the other products featured:
Bormioli Hermetic Glass Storage Jars:
Le Parfait French Hermetic Glass Terrines:
Weck Mini-Sturz Glass Canning Jars:
16 oz. Glass Milk Bottles (juices and almond milk):
Anchor Hocking 34 oz. Glass Carafe (oat milk & cider):
Square Hermetic Glass Bottles (sauces):

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