Venting a 2KG Bideli Coffee Roaster – Vlog 8

Venting a 2KG Bideli Coffee Roaster – Vlog 8

I was hoping to have completed installing the Bideli coffee roaster months ago but, I have discovered in life that my ideas seldom go as planned. Unfortunately, that has been one of the struggles with this venture. The amount of time I feel something should take usually ends up taking 2 or 3 times longer. Coupled with life events, it can seem overwhelming but the point of each day and week is to continually move the ball down the field. No matter the amount of progress it just has to continuously be improving.

Venting the coffee roaster was a large step in getting my coffee roasting building a little closer to feeling like an actual roastery. The plan now is to get the building wired up and then insulated and walled up. Afterwards, I will focus more attention on the studio side of things for content. I have realized that more content = more sales and cash flow is needed to grow. Simple economics.

We have some big plans for 2020 (sample bags, content schedule, and merchandise) so really looking forward to working on some of that and rolling it out. Stoked!

I appreciate all the comments and connections I have made through this platform and look forward to learning from and helping as many people as possible. Again thanks to those who have reached out with this and advice. You are the best!

Current Subscriber Count as of video: 248 — Whaa?? You guys are killing it!

Camera used: Nikon Z6
Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro 2020

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