Welcome to Pipers Tea & Coffee

Welcome to Pipers Tea & Coffee

A glimpse into the world of Pipers Tea & Coffee Shop and Pipers Lab, where the magic of coffee roasting and tea blending happens.

Established in 2012, Pipers is a coffee & tea company taking tradition on a modern adventure. It all started when husband and wife- Peter and Amber Barnett- moved to Kentucky and were on the hunt for a good cup of earl grey and came up empty handed. Using an Englishman’s taste, a French lady’s nose and a lot of research, we sourced the highest quality of black tea and Sicilian bergamot, used traditional tea blending techniques and produced our very first tea blend: Pipers Earl Grey which we packaged in a modern ceramic pot. Since that time we’ve opened our own coffee & tea shop, added over 30 tea blends to our tea collection and began our coffee roasting journey using the same rigorous attention to quality and sourcing as we do with our tea.

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Explore our range of signature tea blends inspired by our travels around the globe & our time growing up in Europe: www.cupofpipers.com/collections/tea-blends

All offerings available for wholesale. Contact us at: wholesale@cupofpipers.com

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