What coffee roasting taught me about replacing iPhone batteries ● iPhoneのバッテリー交換:コーヒー焙煎から学んだヒント

What coffee roasting taught me about replacing iPhone batteries ● iPhoneのバッテリー交換:コーヒー焙煎から学んだヒント

Old iPhones are reliable workhorses. Even if they don’t run the latest iOS or have all the bells and whistles of the latest models, they have terrific longevity and functionality and are useful for a variety of applications and just all around good phones.


This is a short video about my recent experience replacing the batteries on an iPhone 4S, 5S and 7 which has caused me to reflect on some tricks that I’ve learned roasting coffee. Namely, I found it useful to pre-warm the iPhones at the upper range of their stated operating temperature before and after the repair (especially for the iPhone 7 and above) in order to soften the adhesives.

この動画では、iPhone 4S、5S、および7のバッテリーを交換した最近の経験について説明します。これにより、コーヒー焙煎を学んだいくつかのトリックについて考えることができました。つまり、接着剤を柔らかくするために、修理の前後(特にiPhone 7以降の場合)に、指定された動作温度の上限でiPhoneを事前に温めることが有用であることがわかりました。

I purchased basic battery replacement kits online and endeavored to only use the tools included in the kits. None of the kits for the iPhone 7 and above that I have seen include a steel opening tool. I would highly recommend others that consider battery replacement and other repairs on these devices to purchase one separately. Since I did not have one when making these videos, I ended up using a safety razor blade.

バッテリー交換キットをオンラインで購入し、キットに含まれているツールのみを使用するように努めました。iPhone 7以上のキットには、スチール製のオープニングツールは含まれていません。これらのデバイスのバッテリー交換やその他の修理を検討している人々は、個別に購入することを強くお勧めします。これらのビデオを作成するときに持っていなかったので、私は安全かみそりの刃を使用することになりました。

I would like to extend my appreciation to the following people and organizations for the techniques and materials that they so kindly shared that made this project possible.


I am grateful to ifixit for all their wonderful tutorials regarding smartphone battery replacement. ifixit has a page with useful tips about removing and replacing the adhesives in an iPhone 7 and above:

ifixit.comの携帯電話のバッテリー交換に関する素晴らしいチュートリアルに感謝します。ifixitには、iPhone 7以降の接着剤の取り外しと交換に関する役に立つヒントのページがあります:

I highly recommend watching YouTube video tutorials by fixez and JerryRigEverything before replacing batteries in any of the devices.


I would like to thank Tina A., I. Miyahara and David S. for providing the green coffee from Thailand that helped me get through this project and to San Luis Hayashi in Sakaki-machi, Nagano, Japan for giving me the bear mascot that watches over me during my coffee roasting.


I am grateful to usefulparts on Thingiverse for providing the design of the screw organizer that I printed out on a 3D printer and used to keep the screws and other parts organized during the disassembly and assembly.


I would like to thank @bensound for the wonderful music that I used.



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